what is iffy?

iffy is an app for the Google Chrome browser that creates ratings for the news you read, and alerts you when you are viewing potentially inaccurate or biased content.

Our goal is to steer you towards more accurate reporting, and to provide a consistent rating system for the news that you read.  When iffy alerts you to potentially biased or inaccurate content we are not suggesting that you shouldn't read it or that we are 100% accurate.  We are suggesting that you consider iffy's rating as you form your own opinion.

The scoring system works best when you provide thoughtful reviews.  We encourage you to rate everything that you read, but recommend that you only provide ratings for content that you have actually read. 

Ultimately, we believe that iffy can help cut down on the spread of mis-information and allow us all to form qualified opinions based on facts.

How should I use it?

How does iffy determine ratings?

After you have read an article, you should click the "i" icon in your browser toolbar.  This will give you the option to rate an article's accuracy and credibility.  These ratings are combined with ratings from other users to determine the overall rating for the page and site.  

As more users create ratings, iffy starts to learn what characteristics can be used to predict the accuracy and bias of an article, and starts to suggest its own ratings.  These ratings are combined with the user ratings to provide a balanced opinion.

What data does iffy collect?

In order to create and display ratings, iffy collects anonymized browsing data.  This information cannot be tied back to an individual user.  When you review a piece of content, the review is tied to your user account and stored for future use.  Only iffy's staff can view individual reviews; the rest of the community only sees them in aggregate.